Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Great Veggie Adventure in The Giving Garden

Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students trekked out to The Giving Garden to have some garden fun. They transplanted Romanesco broccoli, a geometrically intriguing lime green veggie from the cabbage family and a cousin of cauliflower grown often in Italy. It has a nutty flavor and is delicious sauteed in olive oil with garlic and served over pasta. The children sowed Watermelon radish seeds and planted Party Cauliflower seedlings. It was sunny and windy afternoon in the garden. The children were first fueled by some healthy fresh raw veggies -- green beans and baby carrots served with fresh white bean dip and Organic Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. There was much excitement when the children found a yellow carrot that had overwintered in its bed from last year's garden.

Spring Planting with the garden club students in The Giving Garden

The Union Pleasant Garden Club students planted Romanesco broccoli and Party Cauliflower seedlings in The Giving Garden along with sowing Watermelon radishes. It was a beautiful spring day full of spring planting, getting little hands dirty, finding worms and eating healthy veggie snacks.

Cauliflower Joins the Party in The Giving Garden

Mrs. Beiter gives a short lesson on Party Cauliflower to many enthusiastic garden club students.

The Case of the Missing Yellow Carrot

A yellow carrot is found and happily eaten by the garden club students!

Veggie Loving in The Giving Garden

One student comments on how much he loves his veggies -- broccoli, fresh green beans -- and a little dollop of ranch!

Students Find a Carrot from Last Season and Dive Right In

Mrs. Beiter, Our Garden Manager, on Romanesco Broccoli Seedlings

Mrs. Beiter describes sowing and growing Romanesco Broccoli seeds to the students in garden club.

Union Pleasant Garden Club Plants the Great Veggie Adventure

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6th Graders Learning about Making Their Health and Well Being a Priority

One 6th grade teacher makes sure her students learn about health from a very personal perspective -- taking proactive steps to keep themselves healthy and well.

Hamburg Middle School Classroom Tasting of Fresh Veggies and Dip

Check out the fun at Hamburg Middle School today. Learning about simple food rules help us stay healthy and take care of our bodies.

Hamburg Three Dips are Better than One! Middle School Students Get on the Veggie Wagon

We visited a 6th grade class at Hamburg Middle School today -- wow -- were the students engaged and responsive in the healthy food conversation. We were invited in by their teacher to conduct a fun classroom tasting -- fresh made in the classroom white bean dip. The white bean dip along with Organic Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and some ready-made from Wegmans Pico de Gallo Guacamole were served with a fresh assortment of veggies and Organic Blue Corn Chips. Three dips are better than one....Even their Principal joined in the delicious learning.

The Great Veggie Adventure is Growing Strong

Take a look at the seedlings for the Great Veggie Adventure to be transplanted soon into The Giving Garden of Union Pleasant Elementary School in Hamburg, New York. These veggie plants were sown in our basements and have sprung to life under artificial grow lights. They have now been transplanted from the flats into pots and have a fan blowing on them mimicking wind like they will encounter in the outdoors. The idea is to make them stronger and help them get used to the variable conditions in the outside garden. Soon the school children will be getting their hands in the earth and moving the party to the raised garden beds in The Giving Garden.