Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chefs Visit 2 Elementary Schools in Hamburg Today to Taste Test the Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Wrap

Well our Chefs visited 2 elementary schools in the Hamburg School District -- the majority of the students sampled the healthy wrap and loved it!  Full of protein in the chicken, hummus and cheese as well as crunchy celery and complex carbohydrates in the whole wheat wrap for a slow release of energy -- no sugar spikes and drops for our students with this well rounded snack!

Chefs to School Week at High School -- Starting off Monday on the Nutritional Right Foot!

Enjoy some photo of our Celebrity Chefs, Parent Volunteers, SOLE members, Lunch Ladies and of course, our taste testers -- high schoolers!

Taste Testing a Nutritious Take on a Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Wrap with Guest Chefs

Our high school students taste tested the Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Wrap -- the verdict is -- Many students liked it -- most tried it.

Our fabulous and dedicated lunch ladies prepared 550 samples of our healthy wrap made with chicken, hummus, cheese, and celery (and a little Frank's Hot Sauce of course).  Ranched up Hidden Valley Salsa was available on the side.  Out of 400 pieces offered to the high school students -- 161 really enjoyed it.  Some were trying a new taste for the first time.  Mostly all the students sampled it.

This is the beginning of a fun week with our Celebrity Chefs Steven Binks and Pat Koch and our dedicated Food Service Staff led by Linda Muldoon! 

Thank you to all our taste testers (the students), parent volunteers and SOLE!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chef Steven Binks and the Importance of Slow Releasing Carbs in our Nutrition

Thank you to Chef Steven Binks and Chef Pat Koch for helping work with our school district in Hamburg to bring a great tasting and healthy wrap for all the students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to sample this week.  Hear Chef Binks explaining the importance of slow releasing carbs for our health.

Chefs to School Healthy Lunch Campaign in On

Chef Steven Binks and Chef Pat Koch have teamed up with School Food Service Director, Linda Muldoon and her team of Lunch Ladies to roll out a delicious and nutritious Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap with Hummus, Fresh Veggies and Ranched Up Salsa -- all brought to the 4,000 students of Hamburg School District by Seeds of Living Education and the Makers of Hidden Valley Salad Dressings.

Chef Pat Koch Preps a Tasty and Healthy Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap

Watch Chef Pat make the wrap we will be sampling this week for our 4,000 students this coming week during the "Chefs to School Campaign." The students will taste the savory flavors of chicken meat combined with hummus, blue cheese, grated cheddar, crunchy celery and "ranched up salsa" with, of course, a little of Franks Red Hot Sauce mixed in for that extra kick. We are making strides that matter in Hamburg Central School District's school food program and will be featuring this wrap in the upcoming menus.