Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bessie's Best Organic Farmer Comes to The Giving Garden

A good morning in the garden is when the children can get their hands in the dirt, play with worms, harvest healthy yummy veggies like snap peas and spinach, and learn about why and how of the garden.  This sunny June day right before the end of school at Union Pleasant our 2nd and 3rd graders learned about compost.  A nearby farmer in collaboration with the American Dairy Association teamed up to bring us a compost demonstration.  Compost is made from in this case COW MANURE....aged, organic wonderfully fertile cow manure.  And the ADA was kind enough to deliver this black gold as it is referred to in some circles...we will be spreading this organic, nutritious fertilizer all over our beds in The Giving Garden.  There is no odor except fresh smell of earth like in the forest. 

The children learned the importance of compost in attracting an abundant worm life....worms aerate the soil, that means bring oxygen and space for the oxygen and nutrients to get to the lifeblood of the plants -- THE ROOTS.  Compost and healthy soil attracts worms, worms eat the dirt, poop out even better dirt (called worm castings) and leave space for the plants's roots to thrive and be fed by all the healthy worm poop they are leaving behind!

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